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4 tips for reducing ship maintenance costs 

Tangi Captain

4 tips for reducing ship maintenance costs 

Vessel maintenance is a key issue for ship owners and shipping professionals. Not only because to operate a ship properly, it must be in good working order, but also because maintenance costs are a major expense for shipowners. This is why good maintenance management and the ability to anticipate technical stoppages are among the solutions to be favoured in order to reduce ship maintenance costs. 

In this article, we will explain how CMMS software can help you reduce your budget and better manage your fleet.


1. Have a maintenance plan for your equipment

For each piece of equipment on board your vessels, we recommend that you list all the maintenance tasks to be carried out and then plan them. This planning will depend on each shipowner and will vary greatly according to the activities of the ships or the configuration of the teams. 

Good CMMS software can help you organise all these tasks, detail them and assign them to the right people. It allows you to anticipate upcoming tasks and track any delays.

FLEET, our CMMS solution, is not only very easy to use, but it is also adaptable to any organisation, according to the specific constraints of each armament.

2. Manage your spare parts stocks 

Having a good overview of your stocks of consumables and spare parts is a good start to monitoring your maintenance costs. Indeed, keeping track of what you have consumed allows you to know the cost of each intervention. 

But it is time consuming to keep track of inventories and to fill in everything each time. That's where software can help, as some of them, like FLEET, allow you to link spare parts to maintenance and do an automated update of stocks, costs ... FLEET also alerts you before you reach minimum levels to avoid prolonging a shutdown to wait for a delivery.

3. Monitor your consumption 

Monitoring consumption can be of great interest within your fleet, as it allows you to identify increases in fluid consumption (oil, fuel, water, etc.). Indeed, an increase in consumption can reveal an anomaly whose causes can lead to a breakdown if they are not repaired. 

Analysing consumption curves and monitoring abnormal wear and tear are therefore points that should not be neglected and are among the best preventive measures against breakdowns. 

4. Managing your purchases 

Another important point is that placing your orders at the last moment, when you need them, will increase your chances of paying more for your parts or not having the part and therefore causing the ship to be grounded.  

This is why, here too, being able to anticipate needs and generate your purchase requests in advance will undoubtedly enable you to negotiate better with your suppliers but also to monitor possible cost increases. 

Our CMMS software allows you to manage these aspects with ease. 


If you have read this far and think that FLEET can help you reduce your costs and better manage your maintenance, all you have to do is try it for free! 

If you still have doubts, don't hesitate to book a demo "here": 


We leave you with a quote from our founder Tangi Capitaine: "It is throughour meetings with sailors that we have improved FLEET, our CMMS software for ships. It can be adapted to the size of your company and to the number of boats to be maintained and repaired. It is available in a limited free version (but perfect for testing the product) and in two customised versions for professionals who need to manage the maintenance of complete fleets (up to several dozen vessels). CMMS is no longer an expensive piece of software, today, we must realise that a customised and scalable CMMS solution is affordable."

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