A maritime-oriented IT company

We have made the same observation with dozens of shipping companies: either the software used is too complicated and not adapted to the needs of seafarers, or no software is implemented for fear of embarking on a complex transformation project!

The idea was therefore born in 2016 to create a company combining the maritime and IT expertise of our co-founders to develop practical software, provide solutions that are as close as possible to the needs of the maritime world and support shipping companies in their modernisation.

Since 2017, Smart Sailors has been working with the largest French shipowners in the merchant navy and professional fishing industry to make the applications they have always dreamed of a reality. 

A competent team

Tangi Captain
Tangi is a trained Merchant Navy officer and has sailed for over 15 years in the offshore, fishing and commercial sectors, from deckhand to captain.
Guireg Captain
An experienced computer scientist with a passion for new technologies, Guireg puts his expertise at the service of seafarers to design and develop simple and effective software. 

An expertise praised in the press:

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