Your CMMS perfectly deployed thanks to Smart Sailors' expertise

Because the effectiveness of your CMMS depends on the involvement of your teams, Smart Sailors offers you a range of training courses to guarantee optimal integration of our software our software within your organisation.

Dedicated support

Helping you optimise your CMMS

Think about your CMMS and set up FLEET so that the software adapts to your organisation and not the other way around.

Offer you tailor-made workshops

We give you all the time you need to help your employees to be autonomous and efficient, but also to demonstrate to them the benefits of an efficient CMMS.

Helping you integrate your data

To save you considerable time when implementing your new CMMS tool.

A variety of media at your disposal:

Getting Started" workshops

Tour of the modules and features.
How to use each module and what is its interest.
Questions and answers.

Format: 1.5 hours per workshop by videoconference.

Maintenance Plan" workshops

Defining the best way to implement your maintenance plan.
Training on all the tools to be independent.
Questions and answers.

Format: 1 hour per workshop in videoconference.

Telephone support

You can contact us at any time. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you with your project. 

Visio support

Our team can easily share its screen with your staff to show them how to proceed if they encounter difficulties.

Live Chat

A chat room is also available for you to ask questions to our team and receive a written answer. 

Smart Sailors Academy

A multitude of precise and detailed articles show you how each aspect of the software works.
Several video tutorials are also available. 

The advantages of our training courses.

What's the point of offering software if your employees don't know how to use it or don't appreciate the added value that a good tool can bring them on a daily basis? 
We make sure that your employees are familiar with all the tools we make available to them.
Each participant is shown how the use of Smart Salors will make their daily life easier.
We help you to deploy your CMMS in an optimal way. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have a specific need? Write to us.
"It was quick and very clear, thank you for your support".
Robert Berringer
Head Mechanic
"The application is intuitive and perfectly suited to what we are looking for."
Chantal Bajaj
Purchasing Manager
"Thank you for your help in setting up, I have changed almost nothing in my daily life."
Malcolm Puggioni
Technical Director

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